Edinburgh Housing Developments Unveil New Breathing Space Benches


On October 3, 2023, two new ‘Breathing Space’ benches were revealed at housing developments in Edinburgh. The unveiling was attended by Ryan Anderson, assistant site manager at David Wilson Home; Tony McLaren, Breathing Space national coordinator; and Peter McNamara, site manager at Cala Homes East.

About the Benches

These benches come adorned with a plaque that details contact information for Breathing Space, a free telephone service aimed at aiding individuals in Scotland who are dealing with stress, anxiety, or low spirits. For those looking to refurbish their personal spaces, perhaps to create their own corner of calm, you might find this resource on bathroom renovations in London helpful.

Cala Homes East’s Contribution

The first of these benches was unveiled by Cala Homes (East) at its Cammo Meadows development. It offers a space for locals and residents to take a moment of peace and reflect. The company’s site manager, Peter McNamara, expressed delight at the unveiling of the Breathing Space bench, emphasizing the importance of mental health.

David Wilson Homes East Scotland’s Contribution

David Wilson Homes East Scotland has also installed a second bench. The two companies jointly funded the benches. The benches provide a quiet, peaceful setting for anyone and everyone to take a moment’s pause from their busy lives.

Comments from Breathing Space

Tony McLaren, Breathing Space’s national coordinator, asserted that the benches would spread positivity and encourage people to reach out to those in need. He also highlighted the helpline that is available on weekday evenings and around the clock at weekends.

David Wilson Homes East Scotland’s Reflections

Anne Ross, sales director at David Wilson Homes East Scotland, welcomed the new bench at their Cammo Meadows development. She views the benches as a positive step towards shifting the stigma surrounding mental health.

A Step Towards Better Mental Health

The new benches, providing a calm and serene setting for reflection, serve a greater purpose than just being a resting place. They remind us of the importance of mental health and provide a source of support for those who need it. It’s hoped that these small corners of calm will have a positive impact on the local community.