London Stock: Redefining Fine Dining in the Heart of Mayfair

A New Era for London Stock

London Stock, an esteemed fine dining restaurant, has recently announced the grand opening of its new establishment in the heart of Mayfair on Wednesday, October 4. This marks the first restaurant venture for founders Assem Abdel Hady and Andres Bernal, both trained at Le Cordon Bleu. Their vision for this restaurant, which initially launched in Wandsworth in January 2020, is to redefine the conventional fine dining experience.

Fine dining experience at London Stock restaurant in Mayfair

Ambience and Interior

The new London Stock restaurant is situated at 6 Sackville Street. The space is described as elegant and modern, yet retaining a cosy and inviting feel, full of character and atmosphere. The main restaurant features an open kitchen, where food enthusiasts can watch head chef Sebastian Rast and his team in action. For those interested in the design aspect of the venue, an insight into modern interior design trends for workspaces in London can be found here.

Unforgettable Dining Experience

London Stock offers a diverse menu, including a seasonal 8-course tasting menu, a 3-course lunch à la carte, a 3-course pre-theatre menu, and a 4-course set meal during the evening. This variation in offerings underscores the restaurant’s mission to create an approachable yet luxurious dining atmosphere.

Sustainability and Excellence

London Stock is dedicated to sustainable cooking practices, aiming for a zero-waste kitchen and using only the freshest, highest quality produce. The restaurant’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its ever-changing menu, with ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers such as Bethnal Green Fish, Natoora, and HG Walter, among others. This results in unforgettable, flavoursome dishes that captivate the palate.

Exclusive Private Dining Experience

The new establishment also boasts an intimate private dining room in the old wine cellar, complete with its own bar and the ability to host up to 12 guests. Assem Abdel Hady, one of the founders, expressed his excitement about this new chapter for London Stock, stating his team’s dedication to perfection in all aspects, from the food to the service and ambience.