Victoria North's Masterplan for 4,800 New Homes Receives Council Approval

Victoria North Joint Venture Receives Approval

The joint venture between Far East Consortium (FEC) and Manchester City Council, Victoria North, has been given the green light for two significant planning applications. These applications represent some of the largest residential proposals in Manchester in recent years. Manchester City Council’s planning committee approved these on August 31st, driving FEC’s ambition to provide up to 4,800 new homes in the emerging Red Bank neighbourhood.

A Blend of Chinese and UK Design Influence

The project aims to offer a variety of tenure types and sizes, including affordable homes. Furthermore, the design concept of the project blends Chinese and UK interior design styles, aiming to create a unique living experience. For more insights on the design styles, visit Exploring Cultural Contrasts: Chinese and UK Interior Design Styles.

Phases and Elements of the Project

The first application, an outline planning application, envisions the creation of up to 3,250 homes and over 160,000 sq ft of non-residential floor space. The latter will be designated for commercial uses, a health centre, a primary school, residential amenities, and community spaces. The plan also includes extensive areas of landscaping, green space, and wetlands, bolstering a minimum 10% biodiversity net gain throughout the neighbourhood.

Building a Sustainable Community

The second approval is for a full planning application concerning the next phase of FEC’s delivery on three plots adjacent to the 634-home Victoria Riverside scheme currently under construction. This stage will see the erection of seven buildings of varying heights, consisting of 1,550 homes and a new high street with 20,000 sq ft of commercial and retail space for local independent businesses.

Green Urbanism at the Heart of the Project

The planning submissions were influenced by the ‘Wild Urbanism’ concept, emphasising green space, biodiversity, active travel, and public realm. This sustainable approach to city living will be reflected in the buildings’ high sustainability standards, including solar panels, heat pumps, and green and brown roofs.

Revitalising Red Bank

Red Bank, one of the seven areas being revitalised as part of the £4bn Victoria North project, is one of the UK’s largest and is set to create 15,000 new homes over the next decade. FEC’s project director, Hilary Brett, expressed delight over the approval and thanked everyone who supported the project. She also expressed excitement over the next phases of delivery.

Looking Forward to Victoria North’s Future

Cllr Gavin White, Manchester City Council’s executive member for housing and development, celebrated the continued momentum for the Victoria North programme and looked forward to the development of Red Bank. He expressed enthusiasm about the long-term journey of delivering Victoria North.