RIBA's Manifesto Calls for Better Practices in the Built Environment

RIBA’s Manifesto for a Better Built Environment

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has released a new document titled ‘Manifesto for a Better Built Environment’. The manifesto urges the country’s policymakers to prioritize safety, quality, and sustainability in the design and construction of buildings across the UK, emphasizing the urgent need for improvement.

The Importance of Quality and Sustainability in Construction

This publication was released ahead of the country’s political party conference season. RIBA asserts that enhanced regulations, job training, and environmental standards are necessary to increase the national housing stock and meet benchmarks related to construction projects’ whole-life carbon footprint. In the context of improving housing, the manifesto also highlights the importance of well-designed homes, such as those featured in this guide to Creating a Modern Style Bathroom in Your London House or Apartment.

RIBA President’s Take on the Built Environment

RIBA’s new President, Muyiwa Oki, stated, ‘Well-designed buildings and places enrich our lives, positively impact the environment, and strengthen our communities. Our manifesto highlights the need for conscious and concerted policy action to deliver a built environment that meets peoples’ needs, both now and in the future.’

Addressing the Housing Crisis Without Compromising Quality

Oki continued, ‘Everyone in the UK has the right to an affordable, safe, and sustainable home. While the housing crisis demands that we build at scale, it is vitally important that this does not come at the expense of quality.’

The Role of Local Planning Authorities

To ensure quality, Oki believes policymakers must empower local planning authorities by equipping them with the necessary skills and capacity to design and build high-quality, accessible, and future-proof buildings.

Urgency of Climate Action in the Built Environment

With the clock ticking, Oki underscored the need for effective climate action, including a robust strategy for minimizing the built environment’s carbon impact. ‘The next government must lead the way and set ambitious building regulations to address sustainability, reform public procurement, and enable greener infrastructure,’ he said.

RIBA’s Participation in the Conservative Party’s Conference

Oki spoke at the Conservative Party’s conference about the future of educational facilities in the UK. This comes in light of the recent news regarding the use of unsafe concrete in the construction of over 100 schools. RIBA also participated in a panel discussion questioning if the UK’s housing crisis will influence the outcome of the next election.

Architects: Key Players in a Safer, Better, and Sustainable Built Environment

In conclusion, Oki asserted that the manifesto demonstrates how architects’ knowledge, expertise, and experience are crucial in guiding the next government to create a safer, better, and more sustainable built environment.