Aberystwyth's Old College to Undergo £43m Renovation into a Four-Star Hotel

Revitalizing Aberystwyth’s Historical Landmark

Plans to transform Wales’ first university college, Aberystwyth’s Old College, into a four-star hotel, museum, galleries, and youth clubs have been unveiled. The £43m renovation is aimed at rejuvenating the Grade-I listed property and making it a major cultural and creative hub for Wales.

Transformation of Aberystwyth's Old College into a luxury hotel

Project Components and Job Creation

The first phase of this ambitious project includes a science exhibition, business units, and 10 function rooms. The university has stated that the project will generate 130 jobs and attract an estimated 200,000 visitors each year, boosting the local economy.

Transforming Aberystwyth’s Heritage

Similar to the One Sloane Hotel project in London, the Old College’s renovation will feature 143 rooms across seven floors and new lifts to ensure access to all parts of the building. An atrium, located behind two Georgian villas adjacent to the Old College building, will provide access and house a glass-walled function room.

£43m renovation of Aberystwyth's Old College into a hotel

Restoration of Damaged Areas

A significant part of the project involves restoring areas of the building damaged by weather and human hands. This includes repairing damaged pillars in the university staff common room and refurbishing blackened walls and a burnt beam in the cellar, evidence of the devastating fire in 1885 that claimed three lives and destroyed the Old College.

Preserving the Building’s Exterior

Work will also be done on the exterior of the building, with 664 window frames being restored and 20,000 new slates being added to the sea-facing side of the roof to refurbish the weather-beaten exterior.

Aberystwyth's Old College being renovated into a Four-Star Hotel

Embracing the Heritage

Craig Williams of construction company Andrew Scott Ltd, described the project as one of the largest heritage and restoration projects they’ve undertaken. The ultimate goal is not only to restore the building to its former glory but also to preserve it so that future generations can enjoy and appreciate its historical significance.

Project’s Impact on Aberystwyth

Project manager Jim O’Rourke views the renovation of Old College as the starting point for the regeneration of Aberystwyth. He emphasized the project’s sustainability and its potential to maintain itself through the incomes generated from the galleries, educational activities, and commercial operations.