One Sloane Hotel: An Exemplary Addition to London's Hospitality Landscape

Unveiling One Sloane Hotel

One Sloane Hotel, a magnificent new addition to London’s collection of extraordinary hospitality destinations, has officially opened its doors. This exquisite hotel, located in Chelsea, is the result of a collaborative effort between the Cadogan Estate and renowned Parisian hotelier, Costes. The hotel, designed by ReardonSmith Architects, offers a unique blend of Chelsea charm, Parisian chic and Asian exoticism.

Architectural Brilliance

The architectural firm of ReardonSmith, famed for their restoration work on The Savoy, The Beaumont in Mayfair, and The Lanesborough, handled all phases of the project. The design vision was brought to life on-site, with the esteemed designer Francois-Joseph Graf acting as the Artistic Director and Interior Designer for the project.

Historical Charm meets Modern Elegance

Revitalising the Palace of Westminster: Britain’s Largest-Ever Building Upgrade Inspired by the transformation of historic buildings, One Sloane is housed within a 19th Century mansion, which was previously divided into large apartments. The property, a heritage asset, is located at the convergence of Sloane Gardens and Holbein Place overlooking Sloane Square. With careful planning, ReardonSmith has successfully converted this declining structure into a luxury hotel, asserting its prominence as the ‘crown’ to the terraced buildings along Sloane Gardens.

Redefining Luxury

One Sloane Hotel boasts 30 guestrooms, a top floor restaurant, a lobby lounge, and a downstairs speakeasy bar. Careful attention was paid to ensure the hotel operation would be fully supported within a relatively small, wedge-shaped footprint. Every space was optimised, including the addition of a new basement level and a copper-clad cupola that houses part of the restaurant, offering panoramic city views.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Despite the unusual building form, the guestrooms have been designed to combine suites and rooms in various combinations to create larger apartments. The rooms, residential in feel, exhibit simple elegance with timber panelling, luxury features including walk-in wardrobes and generously sized cocktail cabinets. The highest standards of acoustic separation were achieved, ensuring a comfortable stay for guests.

Attention to Detail

Bradley Fowler, who led the ReardonSmith team, reveals that delivering Graf’s incredibly beautiful and detailed design was both a joy and a challenge. Every element was checked on-site and reworked ingeniously by the team to fulfil the ambition of his design. The team worked with artisans to recreate bespoke floor tiling and timber templates of shelving elements, reflecting the commitment to detail.

Preserving Heritage, Enhancing Experience

All the windows were replaced, replicating the previous profiles as much as possible while improving thermal and acoustic performance. The interior features leaded windows with bespoke designs in textured and clear glass, a charming nod to Chelsea’s long association with the Arts and Crafts movement.

One Sloane: A Testament to Collaboration

The project was a collaborative effort of multiple teams, including Capital & Provincial, McLaren Construction, Gerald Eve, Heyne Tillet Steel, PSH Consulting, TTPP, MBLD, Donald Insall Associates, RBA Acoustics, Humble Armold, and Blend. One Sloane is managed by a joint venture comprising Costes Etudes Projets and Hamilton Pyramid Europe.

Client’s Perspective

Hugh Seaborn, Chief Executive, Cadogan, expressed his delight at seeing Chelsea’s exquisite architecture and rich artistic heritage reflected and celebrated throughout One Sloane. He believes that the hotel will seamlessly blend into the neighbourhood while bringing a fresh new energy to Chelsea.

One Sloane: A Beacon of Hospitality Excellence

One Sloane Hotel stands as a beacon of hospitality excellence, uniting Chelsea charm, Parisian chic, and Asian exoticism. Its unveiling marks a significant moment for London’s hospitality industry, promising a unique and luxurious experience for discerning visitors and locals alike.