One Sloane Hotel: A Luxury Hospitality Destination in London's Chelsea

Unveiling One Sloane Hotel

A collaboration between the Cadogan Estate and renowned Parisian hotelier, Costes, has resulted in the birth of One Sloane Hotel in the heart of Chelsea, London. Designed by ReardonSmith Architects, known for their work on The Savoy and The Beaumont, the new luxury hotel officially opens its doors this month. The project was brought to life under the artistic direction of esteemed designer Francois-Joseph Graf.

Exquisite interior design at One Sloane Hotel in Chelsea, London

Transforming a 19th Century Mansion

The hotel is nestled within a 19th-century mansion at the intersection of Sloane Gardens and Holbein Place, which overlooks Sloane Square. Typical of the grand red-brick buildings in the Sloane Square Conservation Area, the mansion was in a state of decline. The architects took on the challenge of restoring its former glory while converting it into a luxury hotel, effectively making it the ‘crown’ of the terraced buildings along Sloane Gardens.

Architectural Masterplan

ReardonSmith’s architectural masterplan consisted of retaining the façade while introducing new foundations, strengthening the structure to meet hotel requirements, and extending the top floor and roof. A new basement level was added, and façade and parapet renovations were carried out to ensure the building’s longevity. The design was crowned with a copper-clad cupola, echoing the neighbourhood’s architectural features and adding gravitas to the façade.

The luxurious and inviting atmosphere of One Sloane Hotel

Unparalleled Guest Experience

The hotel boasts 30 guestrooms, a top-floor restaurant, a lobby lounge, and a speakeasy bar in the basement, all designed with a complex internal space plan. Despite the building’s unusual shape, each guestroom is uniquely designed to optimise space and offers the possibility of combining rooms to create larger suites. The residential feel of the rooms and the addition of luxury features like walk-in wardrobes and generously sized cocktail cabinets add to the guests’ experience.

Luxury Dining in the Heart of Chelsea

One Sloane Hotel continues the tradition of fine dining in Mayfair with its top-floor restaurant located within the new cupola. This intimate semi-circular area offers panoramic city views and a table for four, providing a unique and luxurious dining experience right in the heart of Chelsea.

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One Sloane Hotel: A symbol of luxury in London's Chelsea district

Preserving Chelsea’s Artistic Heritage

All windows in the building were replaced, significantly improving thermal and acoustic performance while keeping the original profiles intact. The addition of leaded windows with bespoke designs in textured and clear glass pays homage to Chelsea’s long-standing association with the Arts and Crafts movement.

A Blend of Cultures

One Sloane Hotel fuses Chelsea charm, Parisian chic, and Asian exoticism, according to Bradley Fowler, who led the ReardonSmith team. Despite being new, the hotel feels like an established part of the neighbourhood and is expected to be a significant asset to the area.

Artisanship at Its Best

The hotel’s creation has been a six-year journey, marked by close collaboration between the team, meticulous attention to detail, and careful artisanship at every stage. Cadogan’s CEO, Hugh Seaborn, believes that One Sloane, with its reflection of Chelsea’s rich artistic heritage, will appeal to discerning visitors and locals alike.

About ReardonSmith Architects and Cadogan

ReardonSmith Architects is a global leader in hotel and resort design with an unparalleled track record in restoring and rebuilding luxury hotels. Cadogan is a family business with a 300-year history, managing over 90 acres of Chelsea and Knightsbridge, aiming to enrich the area’s unique character while safeguarding its future vitality.

A New Chapter in London’s Hospitality Industry

With the opening of One Sloane Hotel, a new chapter begins in London’s hospitality industry. This architectural marvel, which blends history, art, and luxury, is set to redefine the city’s hotel landscape, offering a unique and unforgettable experience to its guests.