Barratt to Demolish 83 Faulty Homes in Cambridge: A Focus on Quality

Plans for Demolition Submitted

UK housing giant Barratt is set to demolish 83 new homes on an estate in Cambridge. The houses, which have been found to have faulty foundations, were marked in red in the planning documents submitted to the local council.

Context of the Situation

Earlier this year, faults were discovered in new homes under construction at the Darwin Green site. This site is where Barratt David Wilson Homes Cambridgeshire is building a new community of nearly 1,600 homes. The construction and design issues in question can be better understood by comparing UK and Chinese design approaches, as explained in this article comparing Chinese and UK Interior Design.

Increased Number of Affected Homes

The initial faults were believed to only affect 36 new homes on the site. However, Barratt has now submitted a planning application to Cambridge City Council for the demolition of 83 homes, citing necessary changes to the built foundations as the reason.

Demolition as the Most Effective Solution

When the problems were first discovered, Barratt David Wilson Homes Cambridgeshire stated that the most effective course of action would be to demolish the properties and rebuild them. The company said that a small number of unoccupied properties at the Darwin Green development did not meet their usual high standards.

Apologies and Reassurances

Barratt David Wilson Homes Cambridgeshire has apologised to the affected customers and acknowledged their frustration. The company has promised to do everything in its power to minimise the impact of the situation on the customers.

Unprecedented Action

This situation is unprecedented, with a major housing developer choosing to demolish a significant number of new homes due to construction faults. It highlights the seriousness of the faulty foundations issue and the commitment of Barratt to uphold their quality standards.

Looking Toward the Future

While the situation is unfortunate, the swift action taken by Barratt to rectify the faults underscores the company’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. It’s a reminder of the importance of stringent quality assurance processes in the construction industry.