Manchester School of Architecture Receives Unconditional Approval from Malaysian Board

Manchester School of Architecture Gains Recognition in Malaysia

The Manchester School of Architecture (MSA) recently received unconditional approval from the Board of Architects Malaysia (LAM). This approval means that MSA graduates can now register as Graduate Architects in Malaysia. This includes the School’s 60 current Malaysian students who will greatly benefit from this development.

Commendation from the Malaysian Board of Architects

During their visit, the LAM commended the teaching and delivery aspects at MSA. They were particularly impressed by the design learning approach, which they described as nurturing ‘key design skills, imagination, creative thinking processes, critical analysis, and sound judgement throughout the development of design at two-dimensional and three-dimensional stages’.

Feedback and Ateliers Highly Praised

The assessment feedback at MSA was described as ‘thorough and detailed’. The LAM noted that students commend the academic staff for encouraging independent and creative exploration of architecture. The continuity of ateliers over two years, which allows for in-depth research and development of a specific area of architecture, was also praised.

Research and Development at MSA

Students at MSA are given the opportunity to study and analyse various building materials and construction technologies. This complements the studio work and provides a comprehensive and well-elaborated research base. The recently approved £350m Triple Tower Scheme in Central Birmingham serves as an excellent example of the type of projects that MSA students could be involved in the future.

Unconditional Approval from the LAM

Professor Kevin Singh, Head of Manchester School of Architecture, expressed his delight at receiving ongoing unconditional approval from the LAM. He highlighted the importance of such international accreditations in reinforcing MSA’s reputation as a truly global school.

Attracting Malaysian Students

Professor Singh continued, stating that the approval will help MSA remain an attractive place of study for both current and prospective Malaysian students, as well as the wider Malaysian community in Manchester.

MSA: A Global School of Architecture

The Manchester School of Architecture continues to position itself as a leading institution in the field. This recent recognition from the LAM only further solidifies this standing. By nurturing creative thinking processes and promoting in-depth research, MSA is shaping the architects of the future.