Approved £350m Triple Tower Scheme to Reshape Central Birmingham

Planning Secured for Triplex Tower Scheme

Commercial Estates Group, a renowned developer, has procured planning approval for a grandiose triplex tower scheme. This project, poised to change the skyline of central Birmingham, will feature more than 1,750 flats on the site currently occupied by the vast curving Ringway Centre block.

Design and Infrastructure Details

The Triple tower Smallbrook Queensway scheme, a brainchild of architect Corstorphine & Wright, has been given the green light by planners. The application includes detailed plans for a 48-storey tower with a 9-storey podium, housing 571 build-to-rent flats. The plans also outline two additional towers stretching to 44 and 56 storeys. The architectural design showcases a blend of Chinese and UK interior design styles, bringing a unique cultural contrast to the cityscape.

Additional Facilities and Cost

Located on the southern boundary of Smallbrook Queensway, the CEG scheme will also include space for food and drinks outlets, a spa, a cinema, a gym, and a nightclub. The construction of the three towers is estimated to cost around £350m, supporting 175 jobs over a 13-year phased construction programme.

Phases and Demolition

Wring Group, a demolition contractor, is set to bring down the iconic curving brutalist Ringway Centre built by Laing in 1962. The first two-thirds of the Ringway Centre building will be flattened to clear the way for the first phase of the scheme which will see the SBQ3 plot built.

Public Spaces

The plans further include three new public spaces. These are Hurst Plaza, Wrottesley Steps, which will connect Wrottesley Street with Smallbrook Queensway, and Smithfield Steps. The public spaces aim to enhance the urban appeal of the area.

Birmingham’s Planning Committee Approval

The members of Birmingham’s planning committee approved the application with a close vote of seven to six, marking a significant step forward for this ambitious cityscape project.

Looking Forward: A New Era for Birmingham

The approval of this grand project signifies the dawn of a new era for Birmingham. The city is set to witness a transformation, as the triple tower scheme promises to reshape the skyline and breathe new life into the central area.