Waterfront Private Hospital: A Remarkable Transformation of an Abandoned Supermarket

The Birth of Waterfront Hospital

On the outskirts of Edinburgh in Granton, a former supermarket building has undergone a remarkable transformation. It has been remodeled into the Waterfront Hospital, a state-of-the-art private medical facility that specializes in cosmetic and plastic surgery. The hospital is owned and managed by consultant plastic surgeons Awf and Omar Quaba and was designed by the award-winning NVDC Architects.

The Selection and Design Process

Farahbod Nakhaei, the founder of NVDC Architects, conducted an extensive search in Edinburgh before selecting the building in Granton for redevelopment. This structure was once part of a Morrisons supermarket development but had sat empty for over 14 years. Designing this building was a complex task, requiring a blend of creativity, functionality, and compliance with the Scottish Health Technical Memorandum (SHTM). Just as when you are Creating a Modern Style Bathroom in Your London House or Apartment, every detail matters in the creation of a medical facility.

Features of the Waterfront Hospital

Among the design features of the Waterfront Hospital are a fully SHTM-compliant general anaesthesia operating suite, a second operating theatre for local anaesthesia, treatment rooms, and other ancillary spaces. A generous waiting area that doubles as an educational space was also included in the design. The hospital incorporates several complex design elements, including a bespoke staircase that connects the two main floors and follows the curve of the external facade.

High-Tech Building Management System

The Waterfront Hospital is equipped with a cutting-edge building management system (BMS) that allows for complete control and monitoring of the entire building environment. This BMS maintains the highest clinical standards by controlling air changes and required pressures, and by managing the building’s mechanical and electrical services such as access, ventilation, heating, lighting, medical gases, and power.

Access Control and Security

Access control was a key requirement for a complex building like the Waterfront Hospital. NVDC researched and specified the access control system to ensure that it met the required functionality while fitting in with the overall design of the building. The access control system and the BMS can each be controlled via a mobile phone app.

Energy Efficiency and Lighting System

NVDC played a crucial role in designing an energy-efficient lighting system for the hospital, which is operated by movement-controlled PIR sensors. They worked with lighting engineers to develop a design that promotes ease of flow throughout the building.

Roof Space Adaptation

The entire roof space of the building has been adapted to house necessary plant equipment. As part of the design, NVDC included a prefabricated modular rooftop plant room which would house equipment in a weatherproof environment.

Praise for NVDC’s Expertise

Omar Quaba, consultant plastic surgeon, praised the professionalism and attention to detail of Farahbod and the NVDC team. He expressed his appreciation for their involvement from the design stage through to completion of the building, and their readiness to discuss any issues, including small design changes made towards the end of completion.

Expanding NVDC’s Healthcare Portfolio

Farahbod Nakhaei expressed NVDC’s passion for growing its healthcare portfolio and showcasing its strengths and expertise in this sector. NVDC has delivered over 100 design projects across the health, surgical, and dental sectors so far, including the Glasgow Day Surgery Centre, a registered HIS hospital.

Creating Spaces for Wellbeing

In the end, the goal of NVDC, Awf, and Omar Quaba was to create a space that not only met strict medical standards but also promoted and enhanced both physical and mental wellbeing. With the successful completion of the Waterfront Hospital, they have achieved this goal, creating a space that reflects the high standards of treatment and care provided by the client.