Cambridge City Council Invites Citizen Ideas for Environmental Improvement Programme

Introduction to the Programme

The Cambridge City Council’s Environmental Improvement Programme is dedicated to funding and delivering projects that enhance the local environment. The initiative invites citizens to contribute their ideas for potential projects until 17 August at midday. For more information on the eligibility criteria, available funding, and recent projects, please visit the programme’s webpage.

Project Themes and Funding

Projects seeking funding through this initiative often include a myriad of environmental enhancements such as tree and wildflower planting, installation of new community amenities like benches and noticeboards, and improvements to war memorial surroundings. The programme provides funding for a variety of projects, usually offering up to £5,000 for local projects and up to £20,000 for projects that affect larger areas of the city or align with the Strategic EIP theme. This includes enhancements to the city’s green spaces and biodiversity. For inspiration, consider exploring 3D Modelling & Interior Design in London: Revit, Lumion, SketchUp 3D, Twinmotion to visualise potential projects.

Exclusions and Additional Funding Options

Please note that the programme does not fund maintenance projects or projects to improve play areas or highways. These can be funded through the county council’s Local Highway scheme and S106 funding respectively. If you encounter difficulty in submitting your ideas online, you can download a printable submission form or contact the council at 01223 457354 to request a copy by post.

Community Engagement in Project Selection

Following the ‘submit your ideas’ stage, community members are invited to review and vote on the submitted ideas from 22 August until 28 September 2023. Note that the dislike option has been disabled due to misuse. The council will then collate and appraise all ideas based on eligibility, risk, cost/benefits, deliverability, and community support.

Unveiling the Future

The imminent considerations of the relevant area committee, guided by insights from the Executive Councillor for Open Spaces and City Services, will soon unveil the selected projects for funding. Stay tuned for a momentous announcement in February 2024, signaling the commencement of project planning and execution.

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