London Festival of Architecture 2023: Free Events and Exhibits

Introduction to the Festival

The London Festival of Architecture, a month-long celebration of architectural innovation and creativity, is back in 2023 with a roster of free events that will intrigue enthusiasts and casual observers alike. From captivating street installations to immersive ‘studio lates’, the city becomes an open-air gallery, showcasing the finest architectural designs and concepts.

London’s Approach to Commercial Design

The festival is not only about appreciating aesthetics but also about understanding the functionality and purpose of designs. London’s approach to commercial design, for instance, has always been about creating inspiring corporate interiors. Learn more about it here. The city’s architecture is a blend of history and modernity, and this festival provides an excellent opportunity to explore this in detail.

Street Installations

Street installations form a significant part of the festival, turning public spaces into interactive art exhibits. These installations, curated by renowned architects and design studios, challenge conventional perspectives and encourage viewers to engage with their surroundings in new ways.

Studio Lates

‘Studio Lates’ are another highlight of the festival. They offer an exclusive peek into London’s most innovative design studios. These events often include interactive workshops, presentations, and a chance to interact with the architects behind some of London’s iconic structures.


The London Festival of Architecture 2023 promises to be a unique celebration of the city’s architectural landscape. With its array of free events, it invites everyone to appreciate the city’s built environment and architectural prowess.

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